Dubai Fantastik Tour


On our Dubai Fantastic Tour you will not stop marveling.Together with our German-speaking tour guide you will set out for the most beautifully places in Dubai.

First of all we will visit the Atlatis Hotel which is a luxury hotel at the end of the palm island Jumeirah. With its unique and impressive exterior facade which will bring you to marvel while we are arriving the Atlantis Hotel is one of the major hotels worldwide. Here you will have a once in a lifetime experience, which is a must see for all Dubai fans

TOUR-ZEITENMon. and Wed.
ABHOLZEITEN08:00 Uhro’clock / depending of the hotel (Guests outside Dubai will be picked up at 07:00)

Language: German or Englisch


For the round trip transfer available from Ras Al Kheima and Abu Dhabi incurred costs of 73 EUR.

After that we will have a walk along the impressive skyline of the Dubai Marina. At a length of 4 kilometers are around 150.000 people from 200 nations living together.
The world-famous promenade with an abudance of restaurants and cafe’s reflects the international flair and invites you to stay.
Of course the Venedig of Dubai which is the Madinat Jumeirah Souk is not missing on our tour. Trough the whole area are pictorial waterways treking. Of course you will have enough time to go for a stroll through the alleys of the Souk.
The Medinat Jumeirah Souk counts to the three most known sights in Dubai and that is the reason why it should not miss on the agenda of any tour. Also the legendary Burj Al Arab Hotel you can photograph from the Souk. It presents you a unique backdrop.

A journey with the Abra (water taxi) is obviously in our round trip too.
With the water taxi you get to the worldwide known spices marketplace, which you will smell while arriving. Also a walk through the Goldsouk (gold marketplace) should not miss in the tour agenda. Here it blinks and sparkels in every corner. About 300 shops with high-quality outlays are inviting you to stroll and shop. This tour is a group tour.

On this tour the guests determines the expiration.

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4 Hours

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